Kids bulletproof backpack

In the wake of the Connecticut tragedy, a Columbian adult body armor company has turned to manufacture child protective clothing and Kids Backpack armor. Demand for armor for children has increased rapidly, so the production of Kids Bulletproof Backpack that can be used as shields has begun. Kids Bulletproof Backpack is the product for children ages 8 to 16 and costs between $ 150 and $ 600, depending on how complicated they are to make.

kids Backpack armor

7 things you need to know about Kids Bulletproof Backpack before you think about buying one:

Kids Bulletproof Backpack have been tested and can withstand a barrage of 9mm bullets and machine guns;
The attack on Sandy Hook School in Newtown killed 20 children and 6 teachers. After the massacre, three US companies began manufacturing Kids Bulletproof Backpack;
The day after the shooting, Massachusetts-based “Bullet Blocker” sold nearly 100 bulletproof backpacks while selling between 10 and 15 a week earlier. The backpacks cost more than $ 200;
It’s lightweight and easy to use. They are produced in various colors;
There are two versions. The standard version of a backpack is resistant to bullets fired from a gun, while the advanced version is resistant to those from rifles. A more advanced version of Kids Bulletproof Backpack can be converted into a protective vest in less than two seconds. The basic version weighs about three pounds and costs $ 500, while the upgraded version costs $ 750;
Designed to protect children in schools in the event of mass shootings;
A Kids Bulletproof Backpack is a very practical backpack, it doesn’t look like your kid is going to war;

Many parents are aware of the time we live in, so more and more are buying Kids Bulletproof Backpack. If you want to contribute to the safety of your children, buy this Kids Bulletproof Backpack – their safety has no price.