Understanding dental abutments

Understanding dental abutments

Dental implants are becoming quite common among a majority of people all over the world. Now, most of these individuals will tell you about the implant and the bridge or crown. However, these people usually leave out a key component – the dental abutments.

What are dental abutments?

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The implant abutment is a relatively small object that connects the crown to the dental implant. It is usually constructed from either Zirconia or titanium, thus ensuring that it is long-lasting. However, dental abutments don’t only serve as a connector. They also work to shape the gums into a more esthetically pleasing manner.

During a dental restoration, implant abutments will help you have healthier gums with a proper shape. However, your dentist will ensure that the right material is used during the procedure. Note that the construction material of the dental abutments will dictate the aesthetics and strength.

Are there custom dental abutments?

Yes, your dentist may opt to use a custom-made abutment which matches with your anatomy. This is a vital consideration, especially when you are working on areas that are visible in the mouth. However, note that healing abutments are essential after implant surgery.

How are dental abutments installed?

Typically, the crown is either screwed on or cemented directly to the abutment. There are pros and cons to both the two methods. However, your dentist will walk you through all the pros and cons to help you decide the best option for you.

Are dental implants painful?

Well, the simple answer is that you shouldn’t feel pain during the entire procedure. Understand that your entire mouth will be numbed during the procedure. You will also get over the counter pain killers to help you get rid of any pain during the recovery stage.


Ensure that you choose the right dental abutment that suits you. Note that abutments come in all different sizes and shapes.