The different type of dental implants

What are dental implants?

They are tools produced from titanium or titanium alloys, which normally have the appearance of a screw. Implants are positioned surgically into the bony parts beneath one’s gum where they mimic normal tooth roots. Afterward, an artificial tooth is rested on the extension of the post (abutment) on the dental implant, this gives the appearance and function of a real tooth.

What are dental implants?

What are the different kinds of dental implants?

In total there are at least three general types of dental implants they are zygomatic, Endosteal, and subperiosteal implants.

How does Endosteal Implants work?

The most popular type of implants is Endosteal implants. They look like screws that are positioned into the jaw in which the artificial teeth are placed onto, to bond with the rest of the structures in the mouth.

What is the function of Subperiosteal Implants?

This implant is the primary alternative to Endosteal Implants. Instead of being set into the jawbone, these type of implants remains on top of the bone while still being beneath the gum. The normal procedure would be that a frame made of metal is positioned under the gum with a post attached to it. The healed gum then bonds around the frame to station it in place. The replacement teeth are bolted to the poles that are beneath the gum. This procedure is only utilized if the client does not have sufficient jawbone for an implant to be introduced or if the client does not wish to engage in intense oral surgery to provide bone to the area.

How does Zygomatic Implants function?

This is the most complex dental implant operation and would only allowed if one does not have adequate jawbone for an Endosteal implant. This implant is positioned in the client’s cheekbone instead of the jawbone This procedure may be utilized when maxillary bone quality or quantity is insufficient for the arrangement of normal dental implants.

What should I do to choose the most suitable dental implant?

You will be given the choice as to what type of dental implants you would like to be positioned. Therefore, it is critical that one make’s an informed choice based on their needs, with consultation from their dentist. The appearance and functionality of the dental implants, among other things, would have to be taken into consideration for choosing the right dental implants.
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